TM is the Key Reunion Concert 2022 in Cagayan de Oro City : My first TM Concert Experience as Media


It's been a long hiatus since Covid-19 happened. One of the things I did regret from the past years before pandemic was limiting myself to concerts that were only accessible (concerts in my city), affordable ( not over Php. 500) & only artists I follow.  And so, I told myself that when everything will go back to normal, I will grab all opportunities to be able to join concerts and relive the fun again.

Tadaaa! I was really ecstatic when TM posted their ad last June of 2022, that they will be holding their event: TM Reunion Concert 2022 in Cagayan de Oro. Like OMG, after all the quarantine restrictions their first show will be in CDO of all places, that's literally a reunion of artists performing in one event after years. And I got excited all the more when they announced that SB19 my favorite PPOP artists will be joining, what a birthday gift. My fangirl heart screams "I should get my hands on that VIP passes."  Well, I was not expecting to be part of the media because I was and am inactive in this sphere ever since I slipped into a blackhole called depression in 2018. And so, I thought of purchasing that VIP ticket instead. 

To cut the story short, I asked my senior, our former CDOBLOGGER President, Ms, Maia, if I can buy her Media VIP ticket since she cannot join the event. Thankfully, she gave it to me instead. Imagine how happy I was at that time. Like OMG, the possibility that I will finally meet Ken Suson/ Felip Jhon Suson of SB19 is limitless.  Dream Come True.

I couldn't wait.


It was July 2, 2022. As one of the Media ( it's so surreal tho), we were advised to go to the venue early ( 2:00 in the afternoon to be exact) for some briefing. It was just 1pm when I passed that very long queue of people from the Pelaez Sports Center entrance (Velez St.)  to the Department of Agriculture (A. Luna) to Corrales St. to Jr. Borja St. and so on. I couldn't imagine myself lining up that long queue had I not been given a media pass. Being part of the Media team is indeed a blessing (Thank you Lord). 

It was so smooth going inside the venue. I was with my ses Pearly and other Media. The TM staff in charge of us Batch 2 were Ms. Trix and Ms. Kath. They were very kind and accommodating. They gave us a PR Kit and briefed us on protocols during the Q& A in our tent.


First, there were Baninay ( the former PBB housemate and vlogger) and the "Asian Cutie" Albert. He came in first. I was amazed at how he cracked jokes in an instant.  When Baninay entered, I kept staring at her, she's very blooming and inspired. She looked like Nadine Lustre that night, or maybe because of her hair. I was also stunned by her humor and kindness. 

Seth Fedelin  (the former partner of Andrea Brillantes) joined us after a few minutes. He seemed to be a happy-go-lucky guy. Walang arte, go lang sa lahat ng trip namin.  
Next in line was KAIA (the newly debuted PPOP girl group also under ShowBT). They are very pretty and super friendly. 

Lastly, Alden Richards.  He was the last artist we interviewed. Save the best for last. He is very polite, kind and really very gwapo, slim and maginoo. All of them shared their individual stories of how they became part of TM, how TM company touched their lives and how it has given them the freedom to portray their authentic selves on and off cam.  We had a really very close encounter with them. Yass!



At around 6pm the venue was packed with people who were waiting for their idols to perform.   Good thing, they put up booths for food and drinks to keep people from going in and out.  We stood on the right side facing the stage alongside other Media and Influencers and other VIP ticket holders.  

The Concert composed of Artists namely Inside City and Cyber Band,  Matthaios,  KAIA, December Avenue, Zack Tabudlo, SB19 (Pablo, Ken, Stell, Josh and Justin), Seth and Alden. TM New Ambassadors: Baninay, Asian Cutie Albert, Tiktok gurus, Gaia Poly and Arshie Laga.  TM prepared games & prizes that hyped the crowd. They also announced the 2-million-peso raffle winner from CDO.  Below are a series of photos captured during the event.

By the way, I had a closer glimpse of them artists like - Zack Tabudlo & the vocalist of December Avenue- I just happened to pass in front of them and respect their privacy. Grateful for a selfie with the leader of The Juans, Sir Carl Guevarra and Angela of KAIA. There were Matthaios and SB19 backstage too. But SB19 members were restricted by their management to have a close selfie with fans. My SB19 and Ken encounter deserves another post. Yayyy!  It's so special and so surreal, my heart. 

I'd like to thank TM, Ms. Trix, the girl who get my autograph of Sb19, the group who welcomed me in their selfie with Sb19 Ken, and Ms. MAIA for this once in a lifetime opportunity. This will be one of the highlights of my year 2022. 

Indeed, TM IS THE KEY to this one amazing and unforgettable experience. Maraming Salamat TM!