Heaven-sent Star

Being a nature-lover and old-fashioned  young lady, I always loved to stare at the starry skies and
whisper wishes and dreams to them.  Dreams that has been in my heart for years.

Then,  I never thought I could compose such a note by the 27th of January, year 2007. It was the 1st semester of my 3rd year in College. Here it is. . .

Like the Stars in the night,

Amidst the crowd, You outshine bright.

Heaven sent you are to me, 

Oh my Love, forever be.

My dreams show fast,

How i wish love's made to last.

( Photo courtesy to the owner)

The starry sky gives meaning to life.

~princess angel em~


  1. 'Utak na inihampas sa isang blogspot'

    --isang magandang landas,,


    1. junpyo..maraming salamat sa iyong komento :) ahahhahahah

  2. Emay, super nice jud! more, more, more hehe :D

    1. thank you Ddai.. saona raman ni college pa ta..hehhehe karon pa g.publish kay maulaw ko.. Thank you bestfriend.

  3. nice... full of ideas kay gel noh??? heheh something like inspire bitaw ka always.. heheh keep it up.. agree ko kang ddai hihihi more blogs pa.. hehehe

    1. yeah! sure thing!.. the stars are inspiration when we feel like giving up. they always have that winks* sayin' "hey! there's no way of giving up! cheer up!" :)