My First Special Encounter with the Kings of Ppop : SB19

SB19. The Filipino boy group that paved the way for Pinoy Music in the International Scene. They are Pablo, Stell, Josh, Justin and Ken.  And if you don't know them yet, read on! 

A little backstory of how their song reached me 3 years ago. 

2019  | I noticed them through their song "Go Up", in 2019.  I was goin' through hard times in this era of my life and I got a lot of inspiration and hope from this song when i first heard of it. 

2020 | Fast forward to 2020, covid19 happened. Despite all the lockdown and restrictions, they managed to write and release songs and even sold-out online concerts at the height of the pandemic. (impressive huh?)  P.S. I watched the online concert through my friend and colleague Frank. Thank you so much, Frank. 

2021 | They have been interviewed by The Juans for their podcast episode entitled "The Struggle in the Hustle". Also, they appeared in the talk show vlog of the well-known PBB host and celebrity- Toni Gonzaga. Their story of how they persevere to reach their dreams in spite all the hurdles and bullying from fellow Filipinos (crab mentality is real in PH pero hindi ko naman nilalahat)

I can still remember that moment during WFH days when their song "Tilaluha" played. I was mesmerized by the quality of the first liner's voice, I wanted to know whose member was singing, so from the kitchen I ran straight to the living room where our TV was. I saw that this member is Ken Suson (Felip Jhon Suson ). Upon further research, I also learned that he is from Mindanao, specifically  Pagadian, and studied  College here in CDO. (Nakakaproud lang, kababayan, bisdak!)

I became a fan of him all the more when I knew that he had survived a lot of hardships and endured all the negativities/rumors from people who knew nothing about him but were very judgmental and spoke ill of him. That's when I started supporting him and the group coz I see myself in him /them as well. I wanted to be part of their success. 

2022 | He released his Super Angas song entitled Bulan.  It was filmed in Ilocos, so when I got the chance to travel, I hurriedly went to Ilocos to just witness the beauty of it myself.  Our side trip in Manila, made us visit BGC because I also saw on his IG that he's a frequent in BGC. Fans even call their barkada "The BGC Boys" I went all the way hoping I would meet him in MANILA, by any chance possible but to no avail. 

And yet...

Surprise! They will be in CDO for TM come July. What a very momentous event to behold! So here it is finally! TM The Reunion Concert.

Concert Snaps of SB19 in TM is the Key Concert

When SB19 was introduced grabe yung crowd! There's a lot of A'TIN from different cities in Mindanao and Visayas in the VIP section bringing their own banners and gifts. There was also an American fan. I forgot to ask her name though. 

Felip and Matthaios also sang their single " Pangga " but unfortunately, we were inside the tent for Alden Richards. 

SB19 was the second to the last performer, before  The Juans. 

During the performance of MAPA, I noticed Stell walking near Ken. He tapped his shoulder which made him face backstage. I was wondering then, but later it was revealed that Ken's parents were backstage and it was their first time seeing Ken &the group perform live. So Ken has to face his parents as he dedicates the song MaPa to them. They must be super proud. 

A little background: Ken's parents disapproved of him joining the group and not finishing his studies. He was an architecture student way back, but his passion is performing. 

I felt so kilig when Ken posed for me. ♥♥♥

It was so surreal, I was so close to them. 


In almost all of their performances, there's a guy beside me shouting Ken's name. Ken nodded and pointed at the back, though I believe Ken had not heard anything because they were wearing their in-ear monitors. After the performance, I followed the guy and his troops backstage. I then found out that they were Ken's relatives from Pagadian.

 I failed to have a photo of Ken because I was hesitant to follow them all the way to the tent. Ahmm, of course, I'm not part of the group, nagbabakasakali lang. So I was just there waiting outside the tent. (Nakakahiya naman if sasama ako sa kanila sa loob).  Their group saw me. I asked them "Pwede din po ba ako magpapicture kay Ken? "  One of them answered they were Ken's relatives but they had no hold of who could enter the tent.  I'm glad I met them. They were so kind. 

As a VIP Media, I had all the chance to draw near these Artists but am too shy to do so. Imagine I was freely walking in the same area with them while others were behind barricades. What a blessing. ♥

I was waiting for them outside the tent. And my presence was visible enough to the staff.  She declined my request to have a photo op with SB19 because their management (ShowBT) strictly prohibits it.  But she went on " Do you have any paper or pen?" I said "I had not prepared any" uwu. She grabbed my Media ID and said "pwede nato sa  likod" and hurriedly went inside. I was so happy when she came back with my ID all signed by the five of them. Thank you so much po, ♥ whoever you are. I forgot to ask for her name cause I was so high and kilig at that time. 


When they were backstage, waiting for the Finale call. (Oh-em-gee, this was the most exciting part) I was behind them, like super duper close to them. I can hear their conversations and laughter. Imagine a fan, getting a hold of herself because she respects their privacy. I was so proud of myself. 



I saw Ken, cited a monoblock chair and finally seated. I walked near him,  approx. 1 meter away to be exact. I muster all the courage and called him, " Ken?". I was so shocked when he looked at me. I then exclaimed "pwede po mag selfie?" , and he just nodded in approval.  (Gikilig jud kaayo ko ani nga time..grabe.. omg omg ♥♥♥ ) 

Here's the proof, but my face eyyy so haggard, damn! Thank you po zer Ken.♥♥♥


Then, a group of staff called Ken for a groufie, and I immediately joined them. Thank you po ♥

I kinda regret that I did not talk that much and I didn't walk a little closer to him during the selfie so we could have a more decent photo together. Haaaayyyy,  nothing compares to this experience with you, Sir Felip. What a DREAM come true. I want more of this experience to happen in the future. ♥

Here's a photo of me and Mima James. Thank you for always taking care of our Mahalima. ♥


Here's a video of the things that happened that night in July 2, 2022. ♥

Manifesting and looking forward to another special moment with the Mahalima, especially with Ken/Felip. This is officially the start of my Fangirling.  My heart is so full ♥  On to the next! 

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 officially A'tin♥