My First Manila trip

That was May of 2010. It was our office's 35th Anniversary. Every region must send representatives to Central Office to attend their activities and perform. I was excited when I found my name included in the travel order. Yay!!! Manila here I come.

And my first plane ride... That smile though..

I was not yet into photography here. What I had in mind was I need to document and capture details as a remembrance. Because everything is temporary. Once you were in this place, next thing you know, you're going back home.

Ma'am Pilar, our ever supportive and kind Regional Director, brought us to Eastwood, Q.C. That was already late but there were still a lot of people in the area.


She treated us at Razon's and had arranged our van for our Enchanted Kingdom Tour the next day. Thank you so much, Ma'am, for spoiling us.

This tour  below was extremely FUN-Tastic, it deserves another blog post.
Click here my entry for this  Enchanted Kingdom 

We were able to visit the famous Ocean Park too where we had our unforgettable "local" experience, haha! I'll get into details in my next blog post. 

And for our last stop, it's  Mall of Asia (MOA) - Mcdo. Yes! We stayed only at Mcdo. Our happy feet were then so tired of walking. 

outside MOA

 Thank you Fun-filled Manila. My experience was completely breath-taking. Not-to-mention the "siksikan" sa MRT and the longest line of people ever.  Though I failed to visit historical places like Luneta Park, that's on my list for my next Manila trip. 

How about you? How was your first ever Manila experience?