Gringo! Chicken, Ribs and Friends is finally in CDO

"Ola! Welcome to Gringo! (Hello, welcome to Gringo)"

-This is the greeting you will hear upon stepping into the beautifully designed restaurant, "Gringo Chicken Ribs and friends". A Latin-Mexican restaurant that offers a friendly vibe, cool ambiance, and delish foods.

One of their branches freshly opened at the 2nd Floor of  SM Downtown Premier here in my hometown Cagayan de Oro City last October 11, 2017. The resto is located in front of the escalator connecting the 2nd floor and the 3rd floor.  The opening was grand as it was celebrated by a lot of media people, celebrities, influencers like CDO Bloggers and bloggers from the Metro namely  Danny Baretto, Vern Enciso, David Guison, Vina Guerrero, Joj and Jai (PBB), Ej Nacion and others.

A beautifully crafted sauce bag with 2 of their famous sauce (Lemon herb and Spicy sauce)  and an envelope with our name on it welcomed us at our table. I was so flattered. 

The event started with a blessing then ribbon-cutting, followed by a program and games of course. The games were thrilling and exciting at the same time. Not to mention the cash prizes. Despite that, I still didn't join, cause yeah, I'm shy like that. Haha. The Metro Bloggers and celebrities Team won most of the games. 

I was seated at one table with Pearl, Miki, and Karen.  I am not a fan of Mexican food. I think it was my first time to try but oh-la-la it's very delicious especially the chicken. And I can't get enough of the Mexican rice by the way.

The Taco was served first, followed by a plate with a Mexican rice, buttered corn, chicken (southern spice and original) and a crispy catfish.   We were given also tiny glasses of drinks. I think it's called shots. (Oh pardon me, it's my first time.).



Liquor Shots

After dinner, there was a party. Whooah, the DJ was super cool, I'd like to make a highlight of that. At the party, we were able to talk with them celebrities and Bloggers. I and "ses"  Pearly got ecstatic and super "kilig", especially talking to the couple  David Guison & Vina Guerrero.  The twins Joj and Jai Agpangan were so sexy that night. Vern Enciso was super sweet, I melted when she suddenly hugged me when we pose for a photo. I like Ej Nacion and Danny Baretto's boldness and happy-go-lucky aura. All of them were super awesome and really humble.

This is my first time to meet most of the CDOBloggers too, I find them really nice and friendly. I am so blessed I belong to this group of beautiful people.

me and ses Pearly

With all that said, please do visit Gringo: Chicken, Ribs, and friends restaurant and go treat your family and friends. Do experience that Mexican taste like never before. I'm pretty sure you'll love it. Please tell me about it then. ~  Annyeong!