Enchanted Kingdom

When I hear that place called Enchanted Kingdom excitement runs through my veins. Of course! Why not? It is the Philippines version of Disney Land. It offers a lot of fun and extreme rides, a parade of icons, horror houses, concerts, and other entertainment.

Enchanted Kingdom is situated in San Lorenzo South, Sta. Rosa, Laguna.  You can get there via Bus (Jam Liner Transit, BBL or JAC Liner) or Van. They are available in EDSA, Buendia Terminal.  The EKspress Shuttle was temporarily unavailable as of the moment.  As for our group, our RD Pilar already settled our van transfers. We simply and hassle-free waited at Trinoma Parking Lot. Thank you, Boss.

We arrived at EK at 2pm approximately. At the entrance, the crowd was queuing up for tickets. The ticket is worth Php. 500.00 .  We ate our late lunch first and then tried their fun rides and stroll around the park.

EK regular day pass

at the EK entrance queuing for tix

inside EK

Strolling the EK park

had a photo op near the famous roller coaster

carousel ride like a child

rode the mini-roller-coaster 

Ferris Wheel 

The view from the top of the  Ferris Wheel

Because I'm one of the boys since 2011. They're my  officemates, btw.

And that grandeur fireworks display!

The queue for the Space Shuttle Ride

This btw, is the scariest part of the ride

If you'll ask me which ride was memorable for me, that's the last one - The Space Shuttle Ride. It was surreal. Whooah! definitely extreme!

our snapshots /Space Shuttle Ride

We couldn't afford to just leave EK without bringing with us memorabilia and pasalubongs. So there you go.

Thank you Enchanted Kingdom.
"The Magic lives forever" 
in my heart.