10 years of Friendship

    We were strangers then, starting our new journey as college students. Unexpectedly, amidst the crowd we found each other. Made ourselves part of this one group we named “Powerpuffz and the Angels” way back 2005. 

   Four years of Crazy adventures, program projects struggles, weeks to months overnights, infinite laugh trip and food trip. Had our hearts broken and fixed and who will ever forget the “hot-seat-open-forum” and the all-in-the-life-of-a-student drama. We were crazy, adventurous, faithful, witty, generous, “pa-ugat”,  “mamistahay”, “mamirtdayhay“ “japan-japan”, etc. and one thing I love the most about us is that we’re a Team. Through thick and thin, we had overcome . Year 2009 we graduated. We learned a lot from life and from each other. Memories from those good old days will always be cherished. Truly, we “lalot” one another.

    So we stood unafraid of what’s in store for us and parted ways to begin our journey to the real world. Some had gone to Luzon and Visayas while others had gone to Dubai and Singapore. Yet we were still one at heart.  Communicating daily and travelling together.  Three of our members were happily married now. And we have two little babies in the group. Cheers to life and to what we have become.  

    We are imperfect yet beautiful souls emanating light to each other. Great is our God for directing our paths. We will smile in remembrance of our good old days. And distance will never be a hindrance to our  friendship.  Indeed, True friendship is not being inseparable, it’s being separated and nothing changes. Kudos to us  Powerpuffz and the Angels..Ten years and counting guys!