wanderlust is finally in my veins

To wander around the world is one of my greatest dreams. “It’s more fun in the Philippines”, they say, so I must begin my travel journey here in my homeland.

When I travel, I mean experiences:  
~ of nature, of people, of the country's culture, and of life to its fullest. 

photo: credits to the owner

 “Wanderlust sustains me”. So as wanderlust sustains every piece of me but second to the only Sure Foundation (God), of course! 

The thought of Wanderlust ignites my senses and enables me to dream of being in a different land and people. It inspires me to earn more money to experience the world.

photo: credits to the owner

Now I’ve come to a plan in mind.  A plan to travel at least twice a year. I hope I’ll finally get my best foot forward in this. I’ll consider travel as a gift to myself, not a mere activity of wasting money and time. How’s that?  Perfectly Awesome! 

I was almost there back then. Yes! But the universe didn’t conspire to make my plans possible. Maybe the perfect time has not yet arrived. Now I am waiting for perfect timing, perfect weather, perfect companies, and for perfect budget. I may not sound really obvious here but trust me I am extremely excited! Wanderlust has finally immense in my being.

 all the best for the years to come,