The Friendship that Survived the Test of Time

An sms from the past reminds me of a friendship that lasts long. It goes like this: 

              "A True friend is hard to find, hard to lose and impossible to forget"

@2005 (me in blue and my best friend in red)

 Yes, indeed.  Well, that is reality. And I am truly blessed God gave me one of my true friends, actually my best-est friend ever, someone who stays through time. We may never see each other once in a while but whenever we got the chance, a day is never enough for us.

We've known each other since 3rd grade. We were seatmates then. And we used to go home together though we were from opposite sides of our place. She from the east and I from the west. We were always together.  Despite the fact that I was so weak, I tend to walk and move like a turtle.  (insert smiley face here). She never left me hanging. 

Then we went on the same School in our secondary education at MOGCHS. We were also classmates from 2nd year to 4th year. Whenever I have problems (because as I've said, "i was weak") I am too emotional to handle things, she was always there  willing to offer an advice and lend an ear. And whenever I get sick she was willing to bring me home. We love to eat sweetcorn (mais) after class, walk an extra kilometer for some green mangoes with bagoong toppings and ride an RC- liner- jeepney home. 

tending the street kids (**)

We shared many adventures, laugh at many jokes and cried over some dramatic  confessions.  It was our dream then, that when we graduate and get a job we will go to JOLLIBEE (a fast food) and BEE HAPPY (such a simple dream). Sharing our past memories while eating and laughing at our childhood years.

Highschool Graduation Day ,@ 2005

Then came College. For I was way too undecided of  what course to take and what school to enroll, she helped me and accompanied me to Mindanao University of Science and Technology (MUST) formerly Mindanao Polytechnic State College (MPSC) where she was already enrolled. We did inquire but we were informed that that same day was the last day of exam. That was indeed frustrating, i asked myself then, " so i will take an exam without even studying? whattt?"  But she encouraged me to take the exam, she bought me pencil and pen while I was at the Cashier's office waiting for my turn to pay. And by God's grace I passed the exam. I enrolled late, and yet she was there for me, she guided me and told me what to do. She was and always be an angel to me.

So we took the same course and graduated the same year at the same school. We were so happy at that moment, we finally made it.

College graduation day, @2009

Until now that we were professionals, we tend to catch up with each others' lives. Now that we both have the pair of our hearts who found us along our journey, we still managed to keep in touch, share our thoughts, and reminisce about the past. 

bonding moment , @ 2012

adventure with our partners at paradise.  from left to right: jose,ddai,emay,ken

I want to share this poem I made for her in our High School graduation day, year 2005. 
It's written in Tagalog dialect.

Kung atin na maiging titingnan
Taas ng bundok sa kaparangan
Lawak ng tubig sa karagatan
Di maikubli ating pagkakaibigan

Sa haba ng pinagsamahan
Kay lalim ng pinag-ugatan
Kailanma'y ating pahahalagahan
Pagkakaibigang sinumpaan

Ang Diyos ang Siyang bumalak
Na pagtagpuin ating mga pakpak
Sa himpapawid tayo nang pumalakpak
Labis-labis ang ating galak

Ikaw ay iisa lamang
Di na kailangang ako ay mag-abang
Ng ibang mas nakakalamang
Pagkat Ika'y bukod tanging nilalang

Sana'y dinggin ng Poon aking panalangin
Na pagkakaibigan nati'y palawakin
Alitan ay h'wag kailanma'y papasukin
Busilak na kalooba'y panatilihin

Pasasalamat ko sayo'y pakinggan
Sana ay pakakatandaan
Gumuho man ang sanlibutan
Kailanma'y di ka iiwan

Kaibigan, ika'y di ko makakalimutan
Pilitin mang ibaon ang nakaraan
Mangingibabaw sa puso't isipan
Na minsan hardin ko'y iyong diniligan.

friendship ring - her birthday gift to me, @2012

Through thick and thin, we were best of friends. And I am proud to say that 

our Friendship survived the Test of Time : A friendship that's one of a kind. And something that's hard to find, hard to lose and impossible to forget.

       And by the way, My Best friend's name is

How about you? What's your friendship story?

share it with me,


  1. aw! Thank you so much bestfriend! :-*
    that poem i remember hehe.. oh H.S. life truly nkakamis! The time of our life where we got to bond everyday.. how i wish to turn back time, those times na wala pata buot, cge lang katawa walay problema. Love you ems :-*

  2. lagi ddai.. makamiss jud kaayo ;) love you too ;) date napud ta soon .. <3