My real name

What's in a name? 

As stated by Dale Carnegie in his book "How to win friends and influence people"  in principle 3 :

 "Remember that a person's name is to that person the sweetest and most important sound in any language."

Melot ~ Mel~ Melody ~ Em~ Emy ~ Ems~ Emski ~ Lou ~ Melou ~Emay ~ Angel ~ Baby~ Ga~ Gel ~ Angela ~ Gela ~ Girlfriend ~ Best ~ Bestfriend ~ Pegz ~ Xungi  ~ Princess ~ Dearest Princess.

Emay, Ems, Em is what my classmates and friends call me in Elementary, High School and College. Emay is the most common of them three(3).

Now, I am commonly known as Angel,. as my Tita ( Czernee Pearl ) call me since College days. From then on people started calling me "Angel" and i'm getting used to it. 

I love it when people call me  "Princess" too,   but my real name is . . .


E ndure all life's pressures.

Memories are worth to be treasured

Yearn I for a love so true.

Living upright isn't enough, I know.

Ought to wander far beyond measure.

Understand every single creature.

Enjoy life with GOD

Self-esteem I must regard.

True happiness emanates from the inside out.

Enlightened mind, Oh benevolent soul.

Rare gem I hold to forever last,

Ablaze fire of love from a serene heart.       

So now you know me, whoopzz,..not really.. just my name!.
It takes years to know me cause I'm not that apparent as what you believe.
There's more to that smiles and laughters, hidden in a mystery of a story behind stories.

~Angel Princess Em~


p.s. The name meaning was written last January 27, 2007.
When i was inspired to write and write and write.. :)

~princess angel em~