In Memory of the Note: Emotions

Emotional as I am, I get easily affected to the stories of other people or even movies I've watched.
Then I find myself converting that emotions into words .. written on paper.
So here's another proof of it.


It's been a long time now
I didn't even know how
Suddenly the rain falls
And those letters folds

I know not when it started
When the lamps' light sparked
Then suddenly hits my heart
It was the creator who took part

Trials tried to diverged us
Yet the lamp still brightens up
Seasons have done no great
And maybe it is purely fate

Unbelievable day came
Then you weren't the same
What made you so ashamed
That nobody can explain

Tears were on me
The light was fading maybe
But the lamp I can guarantee
Still sparkling clearly

Prayers were my only solution
To ease the bothering emotion
Until the sun rises
It was full of surprises

Finally trials have passed
And time isn't enough
If it comes that i will fade
Remember the light still shines my friend

Going our separate ways may hard
'Cause losing you would break my heart
But I must accept the fact
And leave selfishness acts

You're someone so dear
And my eyes were near to tear
Though sometimes I'm insincere
But what I feel now is real

Grateful I am for the days
I'm happy seeing your smiling face
 still I'm thankful indeed
Even if it's not me you really need

Thanks for the time you've spent
You really are heaven sent
Being with you seems the happiest
My days aren't that meaningless

_ _ END _ _

And another. . . .

I can't tell you what this heart's been hiding
I can't afford to reveal what I'm feeling
Though my heart insists so
But my  mind says never do

Down the memory lane you will experience the fragrance 
of the past.

yours truly,

~princess angel em~