You're Always Here Inside My Heart

There was this poem I made on the 30th of January, 2004. Yes! 2004.
The date was written in my old high school notebook.( 01-30-04 ).  The thing is that I remember the poem but  the inspiration and the reason of the poem . . . 
I'm not so sure about the details.

 I think it's partly about the Tale of the Autumn or the known Koreanovela "Endlesslove -  Autumn in my Heart". Or maybe because Highschool Graduation was upcoming and I couldn't afford to be apart from those pals that had been with me for 4 amazing years. Or maybe I was thinking that I will really miss my
first ever guy bestfriend, my Kuya Bestfriend. Or maybe I was trying to express the feelings of the main character  (Song Hye Kyo) of the Autumn in my heart, during their childhood years when she found out that she's not the biological daughter. Or... maybe it was way more than that.

Pardon me, I was still fifteen(15) years young when I wrote this.


It seems like long ago when we first met,
like brothers and sisters without regret.
You and me sharing laughters together,
Hope you still remember.

I like the way you smile,
And also same with your style.
I like the way you treat me,
in my eyes you're everything I want to see.

You're such a nice brother,
rather than any other.
You're a caring friend of mine,
Watching over me if I'm fine.

Now that you're leaving,
I can't hide myself from crying.
Reminiscing of the times we've shared,
remembering the things that you said.

I know this pain will ease in time,
Cause memories of you still fresh in mind.
Although were oceans apart,
You're always here inside my Heart.

Oh high school days and high school life... how i missed those. 


Memories written in the heart are treasures of a lifetime.

~princess angel em~



  1. wow... wala koy laing maingon gel kundili wow.... and wala ko nag dahom nga 15y/o ka lang nga gebuhat nimo ni... i like the poem very much... wwwwooowwww.... heheheh....

  2. Thank you Mel... ikaw? basin naa kay tinaguan nga mga poems diha, pabasaha ko.. ;) hehehe