Autumn Tears

This poem was made out of a mournful story I illustrated in my mind in the year 2007.

           I saw a picture of a young lady in a plain black dress, she has a fair skin 
and long shiny hair. It was Autumn. And as I figured out in the picture,
its setting was at a Cemetery.

The girl was standing in front of  a grave. I had felt her heart as I saw her tears fell the ground. The way she looked up at the gloomy sky with her teary eyes, it seemed to me that she's been missing and longing for an important loved one in her life that had left for a long time. And no matter how she had tried to forget, she just can't get off her heart the memories and the love he had planted in her heart.

 And there she went down the grave.. Tired, Helpless and Weary.

Then that time, words assembled like puzzles in my mind. 

This poem was created. . . here it is.

Autumn brings forth tears,
As leaves alters to ashes,
It all casts out fears.

And Love's unstained tears,
fell the grave of ones parted,
Oh love longed so dear.

As night whispers signs,
Single leaf fell the tomb's side
So long..goodbye.

It was Autumn. On her way to the tomb, she carried her heavy heart. (this is just what I saw in my imagination )

 when i pictured out the tears fell from her eyes as she bids goodbye.

Life gives us hope and reason to rejoice everyday.
Yet we cannot disregard past joyful memories that always haunt our minds and hearts.
Especially to those who have lost the pair of their hearts. Be it their lover, boyfriend, girlfriend, wife or husband. Or be it someone they love the most in this life. Someone they've shared the most with their lives and someone who helped them realized their purpose and helped them become who they are today. Its never an easy thing. But with God, through prayer and faith, healing can be done in just a blink of an eye. It's like magic...yes! Miracle.

So Live your life, continue the journey and be part of someone else's life too.

Every goodbyes has its own beginnings, cause the journey to this world never ends until you have fulfilled your purpose - what God made you to be.

God said,
 "I will never leave you comfortless, I will come to you."
~John 14:18~

This autumn tears will always haunts us but God's promises will always prevail.



  1. aahww, T_T

    This is sad ems. Yet, indeed there is more reason in life to hope, to love, to rejoice, to celebrate... God is good all the time. ;)

  2. yeah.. All the time God is good.:) Ambot lang why kana akong na.picture out that time..hehehhe "emo" kaayo noh?

  3. sad... but there's always hope jud... if you have faith to God, then u can continue the journey of your life no matter how big the obstacle is.. diba???

  4. yes! yes! yes! Amen to that Mel :)continue life's wonderful journey. :)