Ralph Waldo Emerson once said...    

Memories last forever, never do they die. Friends stick together and never really say goodbye.

(this was one of our "things-to-do :) bike riding", taken at Baconga St.; evening of 2008) 

He is one of my best friends...
the one I can turn to when life seems hard and tiring, the one who laughs with me at my not-so funny jokes, the one who listens to me and understands me completely, and the one who has the power (gifted with emotional intelligence, eh) to figure out my mood  even without telling him anything, he simply knows.

sunrise and sunset (credits to the owner)
We are alike in so many ways. We are Nature Lover. We both love Sunrise as well as Sunset. And we can't wait for the Moon to show up and bring her troops of dancing Stars at night. -yeah, they simply rock our world with awe. 

I could still remember the "Star Gazing at the rooftop"  and the "Stories" trip. We always love to lay down at their house's roof facing the vast sky lit with stars. And who can ever forget our moment of Waiting for a Shooting Star to pass by. I could say that was the once in a lifetime and most memorable moment of our childhood days.

 music and guitars (credits to the owner)

We are Music Lover people.  We  like the same music genre. We're very particular when it comes to the lyrics and its history and story. He plays the guitar and.. , (insert sad face here), am not really that gifted when it comes to playing those musical instruments but am not losing heart. 

Endless Love (credits to the owner)

We are Anime and Asian Movies Fanatic. He could tell how i adore the first korean telenovela shown in our City, "Autumn in my heart". He knows why i cried a river of all those episodes. We are also a fan of Kenshin and Avatar. Actually he was more of a fan than me. Hahaha. But i honestly love those animes. I just had no time watching the full series since I was busy with projects in high school. He was in his College Days that time by the way.

Avatar (credits to the owner)
Samurai X  (credits to the owner)

When it comes to SPORTS, we are fond of playing BASKETBALL. He actually played with other teams. And I only play with him in a court near our place and sometimes at the mall arcade.

World of Fun, Limketkai Mall Arcade 
I admire how deep he is. He understands everything about me and the world. Even all the dramas and rants i had with growing ups. He was like a big brother telling me what is going on and showing me what to do. He is a simple young man who love God more than himself.  He can stand being stuck inside their house for a long time. Of course with food and all his necessities and most importantly internet connection and the Bible.

Despite the fact that we rarely see each other, our friendship and how we treat each other never did change. He is still that gentleman, kind and simple best friend I've known.

Indeed, Real friends are not affected by status, distance, religion and  even time.  In a real friendship you can pick up a relationship where you left it, no matter how far you've been or how long it's been since you were together. 

It's us.

Me and my bestfriend Allen,  Year  2009

Me and my bestfriend Allen,  Year  2011

His is ALLEN ACHACOSO, and I am proud of him as my best friend and confidante. I am totally blessed God sent him to me in this big, crowded and complicated world....and why the title TSUKETE 27 

                               it's because "tsukete" is a japanese translation for " always"  
          2 as two persons (us) ;  
(7) God rested - 7th day in Genesis (Old testament) is God's day. 
He created this "tsukete27" thing, by the way. A proof of how deep he truly is.


       we'll always be there for each other no matter what
               and we'll  always look up to GOD at all times.